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Available Wall Spaces

We currently have a wall space available for $100/month. If you are interested email 5 samples of your artwork to the following address. email us

Wall spaces are available throughout the building starting at $75/month.

Prices includes:
Monthly opening receptions with Live Music, open studios, and drinks available from Last Spot Art Bar
Utilities and DSL
Inclusion in annual studio artists' show (in July)
Name on 1,000 full color 6 x 9 monthly show cards
1/2 price workshops
Full profile page with 3 images on ArtHatch's website
Lots of additional selling/exhibition opportunities as provided through a private Facebook Group. We have an amazing group of down to earth artists.

Distinction and ArtHatch both do huge amounts of monthly paid advertising as well as get an average of 3 stories per month. Distinction sells artwork worldwide every week, which means lots of more exposure for your artwork.

Wall H-2.



Julie Arroyo

"My love of art began in Philadelphia when my folks enrolled me in a summer class at the age of 6. We werebeing taught about oil pastels that year. I remember feeling very inadequate (big word for a 6 year old, huh?) since I was so young and inexperienced, but I absolutely loved playing with the pastels. I went into my own world, ignoring what the teacher was showing us, and just made picture after picture until my parents picked me up at the end of class.."



Julie Arroyo

"Bird of Paradise"

Oil on Wood



Wall H-12.



Brady Willmott

Creating imagery that inspires the imagination, coupled with classic painting techniques, Brady Willmott's unique twist on pop surrealism leaves a lasting impression.

Willmott paints in oils and is based in Carlsbad, California. Born and raised in Vermont and having lived several years in the mountains of Colorado before relocating to Southern California in 2003, his connection to the ocean and nostalgia for the mountains are evident in his work. A strong imagination, dry sense of humor and successful career as a tattoo artist also play a role.

A strong focus in art helped Willmott complete high school and led him to earn his BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in 1998.



Brady Willmott

"Out of Your Element"

Oil on Canvas

16 x 20 inches



Wall H-8.



Stephen Hough

Stephen at a very young age was given training photojournalism by his father, Arthur Hough a nationally recognized photojournalist. He started photographing in "Black and White" film progressing to color film and today primarily in digital format. At 18 Stephen started his 24 year career in the Navy where he visited and photographed over 30 countries. After retiring from the Navy Stephen has continued his love of photography having traveled to over countries on five continents and 40 of our 50 states.

Stephen's true photographic love is "Landscape and Nature Photography" visiting many of the National Parks, Monuments, forests, and National Preserves along with a great number of state and local parks, Wildlife Preserves, wetlands, and coastal areas.




Stephen Hough

"Hetch Hetchy Spring Time"




Wall H-10.




"Deep gazes, halos, long necks, blossoming skins, gold leaves, secrets and stars..."

Evgeniya Golik (aka Evgola) is a Russian born pop-surrealist based in San Diego, California.

She graduated Art School at the age of 17, and having studied at the Far Eastern State Technical University in Vladivostok, Russia Evgeniya graduated and earned her degree in Design and Architecture. In a present moment Evgeniya is full time fine artist and illustrator.

Inspired by the European Renaissance, Russian Orthodox icons, Slavic folklore, fairy-tales and modern pop culture...





"Under The Skin"

Oil, Acrylic, Gold Leaf, Vinyl/Paper Butterflies on Wood Panel

14 x 11 inches



Wall H-11.



Elena Karavodin

Elena Karavodin was born in Los Angeles, CA into a family of artists and scientists. An eye for detail, reasoning and proportion combine to blend art and science in her work. Elena studied at the Laguna College of Art and Design, Laguna Beach, CA, receiving her B.F.A. in 2002, with an emphasis in Illustration, Graphic Design and Fine Art.

Her work has been shown in various juried exhibitions throughout the United States, from New York through the Midwest to California. She considers the native California environment to be a strong influence; ocean and desert landscapes, and images of nature are also prominent in her work. Elena launched her own art company, Karavodin Studios, with the goal of applying her creative skills to bring personalized art to San Diego residents.




Elena Karavodin

"Strange Brew"

Oil on Canvas

36 x 36 inches



Wall H-15.



Travis Sevilla

Travis Sevilla is an artist and educator currently working for High Tech High North County. A recent transplant from LA, Travis has attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, and received his BFA from OTIS College Art and Design in Los Angeles. He has an MFA in Studio Art from the University of California, Irvine and has been teaching art for the past six years. Travis is enthusiastic about art, art education, and working with young artists. He is truly excited to be part of the Art Hatch organization.



Travis Sevilla

"The Persistence of Spring"

acrylic on panel

12" x 12"



Wall H-20.



Roel Jovellanos

Roel Jovellanos was born in the cold and windy city of Chicago, but was quickly replanted in the sunny Southern California soil at the age of 2. He studied at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena where he focused on both traditional methods of painting and the more modern methods of computer generated art.

After graduating, he moved to San Diego and spent the last 10 years doing art for various game companies such as Sony Online and Midway Home entertainment. In 2005 he decided to a turn a page in his life and pursue a line of art centered around the Southern California Landscape. His studio is currently located in the heart of Escondido's burgeoning art scene, where the excitement of new and cutting edge art continually sparks his creativity.



Roel Jovellanos

"California Landscape"

Acrylic on canvas

12"x 12"



Wall L-2.



Jennifer Anichowski

My paintings would best be described as dreamscapes, images from reality in an un-real situation or environment. Like a stand mirror that is growing roots into dry desert ground or a widow to daylight in a night sky. My paintings are unique, though my style is influenced by artists like Salvador Dali and Michael Parks. I choose to use mostly oil paints because of their ability to have a depth and saturation of color that I feel captures my subjects the best. I love having the ability to work with colors that I can continually manipulate until I feel they are right. My artworks express...




Jennifer Anichowski

"Red Sky in the Morning"

oil on board

8" x 8"



Wall L-8.



Major Morris

A few of Morris's significant life events include being drafted into the army after being denied volunteer entry due to the fact that he is African American- Major ended up being part of the 92nd Infantry Division (aka Buffalo Soldiers the only segregated unit to see combat during World War ll), surviving through the great depression, and after never finishing high school at the age of 52 he attended and graduated from Harvard University and later became a professor.

The photographs on display at ArtHatch were shot from the 1960's to the early 1970's. In Major's words "I have always been drawn to capturing images...




Major Morris

"Self Portrait"

Black and White Photograph

framed to 21 x 25.5 inches



Wall L-10.



Mitchell Hill




Mitchell Hill

"Selenium Toned Silver Gelatin Print"

Selenium Toned Silver Gelatin Print

8 x 10 inches



Wall H15.



Noor Salaita

Noor Salaita was born in Escondido, California and has spent all her life up to now in the area. She works in acrylic paint, graphite, and straight out the camera photography. Her love of art resurfaced in her first year of community college thanks to the support of a professor who had an impact on her. His influence was great enough it grew her desire to work professionally in the arts. Anatomy has always been an interest, so after one figure drawing class she chose to stick with a focus on figurative drawings and paintings as well as hands in her works. Finding different and unique ways to crop figures in her art has become her focus in portraits. The complexity of hands and the variety of ways this can be illustrated in graphite and acrylic drew her to continue illustrating them in her works. Her photography focuses upon finding creative ways to play with lighting and surroundings in portraiture without the use of any post processing.



Noor Salaita

" "



Wall .



Escondido Music and Art Company

Established as The San Diego Music And Art Cooperative in 2014, SDMAAC was founded by piano instructor and composer Mathew Rakers as a response to both working in and managing various music and art studios throughout San Diego. He observed that many studios were functioning in a top heavy manner, with a limited amount of services being provided to the musicians and artists that were keeping the businesses running. Students were frequently being taught long term by undisciplined instructors that did not stress a functional music comprehension, and were therefore locking students into a cycle of beginner to intermediate ability. There were a number of parallel issues that independent musicians and artists were facing, and there was an opportunity in improving the situation for all parties in the form of a business that would improve the available infrastructures.

The ability to create is an essential part of the human experience, and not something that should be stifled by poor instruction, monetary gain, or institutional preservation.

Over the last eight years, SDMAAC has worked to address these issues by providing creative work space to instructor projects in combination with a number of other services and partnerships ranging from booking to discounted recording and everything in between. This is done while keeping prices affordable to families and providing access points to creative professionals. There is a culture of practice, creativity, and transparency that is emulated by the individuals that make up SDMAAC.

The potential of students is respected and nurtured in a productive environment while the hard work of the families and individuals that comprise the clientele is respected by continuous study on the part of the instructors.

The studio is proud to have an increasing amount of children under the age of ten that are working through advanced repertoire of composers such as Bach, Chopin, Debussy, Grieg, Schumann, Bartok, Mozart, Beethoven. There is also a maturing student base of older students that are accomplishing larger and larger pieces, both in performance and composition. We have now nurtured and helped a number of students pursue the arts in higher education and careers.

The studio is also proud to have a growing group of developing art students that are producing a diverse body of work. There have been thousands of pieces created by students over the past 6 years.

August, 2022, marks the 8 year anniversary of SDMAAC, and the studio looks forward to continuing to grow and build relationships with the community of San Diego while improving the situation for hardworking musicians and artists.

SDMAAC has a wall space exhibiting local artists as well as a piano where musicians often play during receptions and other select events. Musicians also play during 2nd Saturday events on occasion.



Escondido Music and Art Company




Wall 1.



Sara Rene Clevers

I am a local Escondido artist that thoroughly loves to make a happy mess during my creative process! My main focus is abstract fluidity, but I also dabble in alcohol ink and resin. My wacky accessories creations include keychains, magnets, nug-jugs, etc, but the bulk of my artwork is on canvas, wood and glass. My next venture is to upcycle materials by incorporating them into my artwork. The goal is to cut down on the tragedy of our trash landfills.

I was born with an artistic spark! As a young child, I would spend my time painting clouds, collaging in journals and making those cute macaroni pictures we all enjoyed as kids. As I grew, so did my ability. My artistic journey took a turn during my teenage years, when I began writing emotion evoking poetry, sketching free hand in art booklets and snapping photos of anything that caught my eye. During junior high/high school, I took a darkroom & digital photography course, sculpture and ceramics, but I must say, my college pottery wheel class was one of my most enjoyable experiences!



Sara Rene Clevers

"Cosmic Shift"



Wall H-101.



David Allen

Artistic expression is a life-long endeavor Growing up in the mid-west, I had a goal of establish myself as an artist. After high school I attend Wichita State University, studied Industrial Illustration, and Fine Art. I gained employment as a Technical Engineering Illustrator for an aerospace company in the San Diego area. As a side endeavor, I pursued improving my skills in fine art by taking additional classes under professional artists. As a freelance artist, I designed book covers for national publications and participated in San Diego area art shows. As an Aerospace professional I had the wonderful benefit of working and travelling to 25 different countries across Europe, Middle East and South East Asia. I always took my sketch book along to help capture the visual experience of the location and culture. You are welcome to view some of those sketches on my Instagram: david_allen_art22 My art is intended to be my impression of the landscape, seascape or figures rendered. As a representational painter, I transform the visual image that I see into a painted image, processed through my perception adding drama of color and composition. My goal is to create a pleasing image that the viewer can appreciate.



David Allen




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