Studio 3.



Jodie Hulden

Jodie Hulden is a California-based artist whose contemplative photography focuses on the natural landscape. A third-generation San Diegan, Jodie has a degree in art from San Diego State University where she worked primarily in textiles and artist books. She began her exploration of black and white photography in the 1970s with film and transitioned to digital photography in 2001. After retiring from a teaching career, she has been able to devote most of her time to photography. She has won numerous awards and has exhibited her prints nationally.


Her work can be found at






Wall H-6.



Astha Saini

Astha is a local San Diego based artist, born and raised in India. She has seen diversity and elegance in abundance, and her art revolves around the paradox that life creates and juxtaposes on each of us. She thinks it is significant and overwhelming to realize our dreams changing and growing while we bask in the present. We all in some way, silently keep living with the parallel culture and sub culture that ignites our mind and our soul.

Parallel lines, ignite her!

Professionally trained as a Lighting designer, she best engages with herself through lines in motion. Her art begins with words, and ends in lines. Her line work is narrative and thoughtful. It tells a story. It is an extension of herself into another realm, where she is more aware of herself and others.






Wall H-7.



Philip Gann

Philip Gann was born in San Diego, California, in 1987. Gann lives and works in San Francisco. He just received a BA in Fine Arts with a duel emphasis in Studio Art & Art History from San Francisco State University 2013.

Gann has been awarded with the Perkins Family Scholarships 2010-2011, Distinction Gallery Scholarship 2011, MartinWong Scholarship 2012, and Michael Pierschalla Scholarship Fund 2013. He is an active member of the Maritime Art Collective and recently joined as the third member of the alternative art space Incline Gallery in San Francisco.

Presently, Gann is showing work at Distinction Gallery in San Diego and developing a body of work based on his childhood interest and the adolescence atmospheres that shaped his identity.






Studio 14.



Sarah Catherine

Sarah is an emerging artist with a background in music, satellite imagery analysis, Computer Science (CS), and equestrianism. She was a concert pianist and received her first degree in music at 15, and her Bachelor of Science degree in CS at 18. When she was 14, Sarah was featured in Horses in Art Magazine.

Sarah grew up with horses, and has always been drawn to them. She shows a unique ability to create them on canvas, with a keen awareness of their unique personalities, movement, and anatomies.

"Every horse has a unique personality, no two horses are the same. This is what makes painting them so interesting. It is immortalizing the thought - the expression that they had in that moment that I enjoy."

- Sarah Catherine






Studio 7.



Cameron Canales

San Diego based caricature artist.



Cameron Canales

"Crack Baby"

Digital Collage



Wall H-14.



Juka Pearl

"Sometimes I feel that I could open my arms up and fall into the sky." (Neil Gaiman, American Gods) Juka creates surreal scenes where girls and creatures interact against the backdrop of a vibrant sky. She has always found comfort in the vastness of clouds and the cosmos. She finds herself transfixed by their chaotic yet serene beauty daily. For her the sky invokes an intriguing duality between its constancy, in the movements of planets and stars, and its impermanence, where the same sunset is never observed twice. Stories set on this transient landscape are an outlet to explore facets of the human condition. This includes our emotions, constructs, our ability and desire to connect to each other, with ourselves, to nature, and to the universe. Every day's sky along with her experiences and dreams are the primary inspiration. Further influences include mythology, fantasy, poetry, music, fiction, pop culture, and science. She hopes that her paintings can stir your mind and heart. Juka Pearl is a play on the artists' name, Julie (Ju) Kate (ka) Imperl (Pearl). Pearl is also an allusion to the creation of art from a visceral origin. Juka is self-taught, and has cultivated her techniques, motifs, and expression through studies of the masters, and well over ten thousand hours (they felt like ten thousand hands) scribbling in her sketchbooks and painting at her easel. She couldn't stop creating art if she tried. Currently she lives in Vista, California with her husband and two cats.






Wall S-1.



Amanda Beckman

I'm a self-taught artist. I draw, paint, learn, mess up, learn some more, and so the cycle continues.

As a visual artist, I don't consider writing to be a great strength of mine, so trying to articulate an artist's statement describing the meaning of my work and why I do what I do is no easy task. To put it simply, I paint because I need to. I find art to be compelling and consuming, and I couldn't give it up even if I wanted to. It keeps me balanced - well sort of.

Many of the paintings are a vibrant and big-eyed collaboration of people, nature and animals in a way that is meant to express the beauty in all living things.

The ideas behind my paintings come from nature, dreams, my daughter's wild imagination, and every day life. They bounce around in the background of my mind, constantly changing and evolving until I find the time to sit down and let them spill out onto paper and canvas.






Wall 1048.



Taylor Gallegos






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