Teen Programs.

Are you interested in being part of our program?

Teen Program Currently Full!

Artist Requirements:

Aritsts must be between the ages of 15-19 and must have a permission slip signed by parent or legal gaurdian if under 18.

Artist must reside in San Diego County.

Artist must commit to a minimum of 2 hours per month of volunteering in the gallery and a minimum of 2 hours working in the teen space or 4 hours of one option (with or without mentor).

In exchange we offer free art supplies, exhibition space, studio space, mentorships, and additional exhibition opportunities all at no cost.

Teen Program is currently full, but feel free to review the applicaton.

Please click here to download the application.





Life Drawing Sessions.

Life drawing sessions are held at ArtHatch on an ongoing basis.
Sessions are open to the public for a $10 fee.
Sessions are held with a nude model for artists 18+.
We ask you to bring a chair, supplies, and BYOB.
Sorry, no photographers.

Upcoming Life Drawing Sessions
317 E Grand Ave Escondido CA 92025   760-781-5779 for more info

Stay tuned for upcoming classes! We'll post them here.


Workshops are held Saturdays from 1-4pm.
Due to our teen program currently being at capacity we cannot guarantee that space will be open. Typically workshops have a 8-12 person capacity and program teens have first priority. Please call the day before if you would like to attend and we can see if there is space available.

Workshop Fees:
ArtHatch Program Teens - FREE
ArtHatch Wall & Studio Artists - $20
Adults $40
Teens - $10

Upcoming Workshops

August 27, 2016. 1pm-4pm.
Brett Crawford
Character design and traditional drawing.
Please RSVP @ 760-781-5779.

June 25, 2016. 1pm-4pm.
Jennifer Anichowski
Acrylic Painting from Photo References.
Please RSVP to Alexi Ohre @ 760-781-5779.

Saturday April 23, 2016. 1pm-4pm.
Contemporary figurative artist Victor Roman will be teaching
CHIAROSCURO TECHNIQUES VIA SKULLS IN ACRYLIC - Creating structure through strong contrast..

Saturday March 19, 2016. 1pm-4pm.
On-the-rise imaginative realist artist Armando Gonzalez will be teaching
"BALLPOINT PEN MASTER TECHNIQUES" Create textures, blend, and improve confident strokes.

Saturday November 28, 2015. 1pm-4pm
Katherine De'Lene will be teaching "Seeing With the Eyes Of An Artist".

Saturday August 15, 2015. 1pm-4pm
Victor Roman will be teaching Painting Portraits In Oils.

Saturday May 23, 2015. 1pm-4pm
Olga Tenyakova will be giving an introduction to LIFE DRAWING (with a clothed life model)

Saturday April 18, 2015. 1pm-4pm
Victor Roman will be teaching the technique of Painting Eyes

Saturday March 21, 2015. 1pm-4pm
Nicole Waszak will be teaching her "Painting Representational Portraits From Photographs" techniques!

Saturday February 21, 2015. 1pm-4pm
Jennifer Anichowski will be teaching her "Acrylic on Collage" techniques!


Thank you for the opportunity to show my art as a part of ArtHatch. It was a very rewarding experience that helped inspire confidence in myself and my art. The feedback I received from everyone was invaluable, as was the knowledge I gained from helping out around the gallery. You guys are awesome!

Thank you again!


- Michael D, age 19



As an aspiring artist, I initially saw ArtHatch as a way to simply practice some of the skills I would need in my future career. Before ArtHatch, I was very intimidated by the idea of people viewing my work, and felt like I wasn't ready to be in a gallery or anything.

Melissa and the people at ArtHatch helped me learn all of the basics about showing in a gallery - pricing, varnishing, picking a wall, hanging artwork, and just talking to other artists in general. Even the required volunteer hours held value for me. Having never had a job before, it was just what I needed to feel confident helping around where I was needed, and makes the idea of getting a paid job in the future seem a lot less frightening.

The most incredible part of ArtHatch though, to me, was the connections I've made. Being more interested in entertainment/commercial art than fine art, I did not expect to make especially relevant contacts with other artists at ArtHatch. I was proved wrong when Melissa told me that one of the artists, Roel Jovellanos, worked as a concept artist at Sony Entertainment - the exact line of work I'm aiming for. During one of the gallery receptions, I got to meet him and speak with him, and he gave me so much advice and information. He even came up to the ArtHatch studio and gave us much-needed critiques. I now keep in touch with Roel, and I get so much advice and questions answered. He's even been keeping me updated on the status of Sony's internships, which I hope one day I'll be ready to apply for.

As my ArtHatch group is nearing the end of its session, I no longer feel intimidated. Having people critique and talk to me about my artwork has become a natural thing, and after it's all over, I plan on continuing to volunteer at the gallery, and perhaps even help the next ArtHatch group with setting up, if I'm around during that time. I hope that other teens can get as much out of ArtHatch as I did.

- Lillian Harter, age 17



Five years ago, when I was ten years old, I received a combined kidney/pancreas transplant. Before my transplant, while I was on dialysis waiting for organs to become available, I made friends with a girl named Charlie. She died waiting for an organ. I realized that, even though I had suffered through diabetes and kidney failure, I had been extremely lucky to receive the care I needed. Furthermore, I realized that there are people all across the world suffering the same fate Charlie did because of the lack of awareness about organ donation.

Upon seeing the work in ArtHatch, I was inspired to express my memories of kidney failure and diabetes through art. I created a plastic effigy in honor of Charlie. ArtHatch gave me a way to display my art and spread awareness at a real venue. Also, working with real artists gave me the opportunity to receive professional advice on my art. I got the chance to talk with other teens who were into art and learn about different styles and mediums. At the gallery, Melissa and Sam Walker helped me learn the mechanics of installing and displaying art. They also gave me the golden advice to hang a statement next to my work, so the viewers could know Charlie's story. Melissa showed me the different cards that artists make and gave me a place to present my own cards. I handed out invitations to all my friends and teachers.

Opening night was a big success. A fellow artist and bone marrow donor told me he would recommend me to another gallery. It was an amazing experience and, best of all, I was able to spread organ donation awareness among the community.


- Laura Slusser, age 15

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