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Available Studios

Our studios are full. Please email us to be added to the us

Studios start at $500/month and range in size from 150 - 450 sq ft.

Prices include:
24/7 access through the back door
Name on door
Monthly opening receptions with Live Music, BK Cellars Urban Winery and Tasting Lounge, Local Craft Beer, and a big crowd
Utilities and DSL
Inclusion in annual studio artists' show (in July)
Name on 1,000 full color 6 x 9 monthly show cards
Wall outside studio space
1/2 price workshops
Shared overhang lounge and mini kitchen
Full profile page with 6 images on ArtHatch's website
Lots of additional selling/exhibition opportunities as provided through a private Facebook Group. Space is ideal for an artist, photographer, writer, architect, digital artist, boutique, music label, custom clothing shop, escape room, small shop looking to save on over head, or similar creative. We have an amazing group of down to earth creatives.

Distinction and ArtHatch both do huge amounts of monthly paid advertising as well as get an average of 3 stories per month. Distinction sells artwork worldwide every week, which means lots of more exposure for your artwork.

Studio 3.



Will Gibson

I am old enough to have had my first experiences with photography at a time when black and white imagery was still a dominant form. Ansel Adams, the Westons and others were at the peak of their careers and Life and The Saturday Evening Post magazines were touchstones for the cultural life of the country. Once I started printing my own work in 1968, I was hooked. I have ever since been fascinated with the possibilities inherent in a medium that deals with time, light, shape and form. It allows me a way to see in new and different ways. It has always been a way for me to make sense of the world, and to focus on things and ideas of substance.

Raised in the San Gabriel Valley...

Read more..



Will Gibson

"A Day at the Park"

Archival Pigment Print

12"x 12"



Studio 3.



Charles Ingham

Born and educated in England, Charles Ingham moved to San Diego in 1982. A professor of English at Palomar College, he has always been interested in the intersection of literature and the visual arts, his photography seeking to transgress the traditional boundaries between the verbal and the visual.

A selection of his photo-narratives are on display in Studio 3.



Charles Ingham

"If Only Half of This Were Not True"

Archival Ink-Jet Print



Studio 5A.



Victor Roman

Victor Roman's passion for expressing himself through art motivates him to sketch and paint whenever he can. Sometimes, you can find him sketching people on the train or in a casino but on most days, you will find him painting in his studio until the early hours of the morning. Painting in the night after work, shows dedication and after 3 years of study at Palomar College, Victor's talent has grown exponentially.

The emotions that his art evoke have developed in complexity and because of this, the viewer must think twice about what they are looking at to figure out their own interpretation of his art. Art pieces include depictions of artillery, child soldiers and portraits of mankind in various states of mind.

The art is masterfully painted on wood, a feat accomplished by few artists. As this artist's girlfriend and in my experiences as his peer in art classes, I've witnessed Victor draw from life with swift and graceful movements. I have also seen him make a gun drawn on a piece of paper exciting and to witness this phenomenon for yourself just stop by Studio #5. He will be happy to turn up the bass for you on his sound system or play a timeless record on our record player.

Please visit Victor's site:



Victor Roman


Oil on Panel

18" x 24"



Studio 6.



August Williams

August Williams was born and raised in San Diego, California. The moment his father put a Polaroid camera in his hands at 12 years old he fell in love with photography. Later in life August moved to Texas to pursue his degree in Photography at Texas A and M University - Commerce. August has been featured in several shows and juried exhibitions in Texas.

He is currently... Read more



August Williams

"You're So Cool"




Studio 10.



Astral Plaque

Astral's work consists of original concepts rendered in oils. His subjects are based on the curiosity of obscure vibes. Oil paintings express the wandering journey of his thoughts, dreams, and visions of classical darkness.



Astral Plaque


Oil on Linen

48 x 30 inches



Studio 2B.



Dinah Martin

I'm a bit of a Nomad Artist who grew up in the UK and spent a couple of years in Norway before moving to Albuquerque, San Diego, Pasadena and then settling in Seattle. Now I?ve returned to Southern California to paint and create my experiences of traveling the world and exploring other fascinating cultures. I love color and patterns and using my imagination to create my art. I use all kinds of medium but mostly acrylics and lots of intuition.



Dinah Martin


Acrylic on Canvas



Studio 4.



ArtHatch Escape Rooms

Located right inside our gallery is ArtHatch Escape Rooms. An escape room is a live-action game where you and your team are locked in a themed room, and you need to work together to find clues and solve awesome puzzles before your 60 minute timer runs out! Can you escape?

ArtHatch Escape Rooms was established in 2016. It was initially opened by Melissa W. and Sam P., the founders of the ArtHatch Arts Complex: A non profit organization that exhibits artists from around the globe, rents studios and exhibition space to local artists, and has a free teens arts program.

They successfully ran the escape room for nearly 3 years before the decision was made in July of 2019 to sell the business to a neighboring escape room company in Escondido: Clue Avenue Escape Rooms. At that point, the Clue Avenue manager, Nick P. and his team took over the day-to-day procedures and have been a tremendous force in continuing to build and maintain the awesome experience that is "ArtHatch Escape Rooms".

For more information, or to book your game, simply go to:



ArtHatch Escape Rooms

"Annie's Footsteps Group"



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