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Major Morris

A few of Morris's significant life events include being drafted into the army after being denied volunteer entry due to the fact that he is African American- Major ended up being part of the 92nd Infantry Division (aka Buffalo Soldiers the only segregated unit to see combat during World War ll), surviving through the great depression, and after never finishing high school at the age of 52 he attended and graduated from Harvard University and later became a professor.

The photographs on display at ArtHatch were shot from the 1960's to the early 1970's. In Major's words "I have always been drawn to capturing images of what life was for me as I groped my way through an underprivileged youthful existence; what life continues to be for so many young people living in circumstances similar to those of my early childhood, and in capturing those images, expressing what I feel about the strength and beauty of those children who refuse to be victims. What I see is the reality of the physical circumstances into which these youngsters have been brought to life. What I see is the indomitable spirit that feeds the imagination, the curiosity, the need for doing that is natural to these and all youngsters during their formative years. I see the possibilities for growth, for the excitement of learning, for the formation of dreams that will take them up and out into productive, contributive lives. What I see is the need for the dreams to be nurtured. That is what my photographs are about."

In a city where racial tension is a part of daily life this exhibit will serve as a reminder that we are all the same underneath; what truly sets us apart is how we choose to treat others in our daily lives.


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