•Bob Marek ‘67 Mustang Road Racer

•Jeff Sachs’ ‘67 Eleanor GT500 Mustang

•Heller Ford 2012 GT500 Mustang



•Hanna House’s 1961 M-B 190 SL Roadster (stock)

•Richard Mott’s ‘61 M-B 190/600 SL “Mercedes-Bent”

•M-B Escondido’s 2012 M-B TBD #1

•M-B Escondido’s 2012 M-B TBD #2


Ford Trucks

•Randy Clark’s ‘41 Ford Pickup

•Jim Jacobs’ ‘29 Ford Model A Panel Truck

•Heller Ford’s 2012 F150 Pickup

‘32 Ford Roadsters

•Randy Clark’s ’32 Ford flathead roadster

•Chick Koszis’ ‘32 Ford hemi roadster

•Mike Bamber’s ‘32 Ford 572 big block roadster

‘36 Fords

•Roger O’Dell’s ‘36 roadster (2009 AMBR contender)

•Jeff DeHotrod’s ‘36 slantback Tudor (2012 build)

Willys Gassers

•Don Montgomery’s ‘41 coupe “Rockerhead”Muscle Cars

•Steve Berroth’s ‘70 Plymouth Superbird

•Jim Wangers’ ‘69 Pontiac GTO Judge
•Hugh Canning’s 2006 Pontiac GTO (last year)

Dare to be Different Cars

•Larry Henderson’s ‘51 Henry J
•Jerry Woods’ ‘53 Glasspar roadster

•Rick Billuni’s ‘41 coupe


•Ron Johnson’s TV Tommy Ivo’s Front Engine Dragster “Barnstormer”, or…. Chris Karamesines “Chizler”

•TBD late-model AA/FD (Steve Waldron)


Escondido Cop Cars

•1966 Ford Galaxie Cruiser

•2012 Dodge Charger Cruiser