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Available Wall Spaces

We currently have a wall space available for $100/month. If you are interested email 5 samples of your artwork to the following address. email us

Wall spaces are available throughout the gallery starting at $65/month.

Prices includes:
Monthly opening receptions with Live Music, BK Cellars wine, Stone Beer, and a big crowd
Utilities and DSL
Inclusion in annual studio artists' show (in July)
Name on 1,000 full color 6 x 9 monthly show cards
1/2 price workshops
Full profile page with 6 images on ArtHatch's website
Lots of additional selling/exhibition opportunities as provided through a private Facebook Group. We have an amazing group of down to earth artists.

Distinction and ArtHatch both do huge amounts of monthly paid advertising as well as get an average of 3 stories per month. Distinction sells artwork worldwide every week, which means lots of more exposure for your artwork.

Wall H-2.



Julie Arroyo

"My love of art began in Philadelphia when my folks enrolled me in a summer class at the age of 6. We werebeing taught about oil pastels that year. I remember feeling very inadequate (big word for a 6 year old, huh?) since I was so young and inexperienced, but I absolutely loved playing with the pastels. I went into my own world, ignoring what the teacher was showing us, and just made picture after picture until my parents picked me up at the end of class.."



Julie Arroyo

"Bird of Paradise"

Oil on Wood



Wall S-2.



Ashley Gallagher

A child of rock n' roll and pop culture, Ashley Gallagher places her focus on the quirky images created in her mind and the real life situations in the world around her. With her friends as models, she uses photography to capture the perfect scene to use as a reference. This process is integral as this collaboration provides her with moments to draw more inspiration and to gain a special insight into her overall focus of the piece.

Pop culture, music, friends and even strangers on the street serve as a main influence for her to create images that evoke humor and nostalgia. Using fantastic and vibrant oil paint reminiscent of her native San Diego, she creates a bold and electric tableau. Ashley received a Bachelor's degree in Studio Arts with an emphasis on painting and printmaking in 2007 from San Diego State University. Her work has been displayed in galleries in San Diego and Los Angeles and New York.



Ashley Gallagher


Oil on Canvas

16 x 20 inches



Wall H-5.



Jamie Kanes

Jamie has been a creative professional in the skateboarding and snowboarding industries since the 80's. With jobs ranging from marketing, and graphic and product design, to being art director for Transworld Snowboarding Magazine, she has spent years creating commercially appealing imagery.

Currently, as a freelance designer, she hopes to spend more time on her personal, less commercial imagery.



Jamie Kanes


acrylic on canvas

24" x 24"



Wall H-8.



Stephen Hough

Stephen at a very young age was given training photojournalism by his father, Arthur Hough a nationally recognized photojournalist. He started photographing in "Black and White" film progressing to color film and today primarily in digital format. At 18 Stephen started his 24 year career in the Navy where he visited and photographed over 30 countries. After retiring from the Navy Stephen has continued his love of photography having traveled to over countries on five continents and 40 of our 50 states.

Stephen's true photographic love is "Landscape and Nature Photography" visiting many of the National Parks, Monuments, forests, and National Preserves along with a great number of state and local parks, Wildlife Preserves, wetlands, and coastal areas.




Stephen Hough

"Hetch Hetchy Spring Time"




Wall H-10.




"Deep gazes, halos, long necks, blossoming skins, gold leaves, secrets and stars..."

Evgeniya Golik (aka Evgola) is a Russian born pop-surrealist based in San Diego, California.

She graduated Art School at the age of 17, and having studied at the Far Eastern State Technical University in Vladivostok, Russia Evgeniya graduated and earned her degree in Design and Architecture. In a present moment Evgeniya is full time fine artist and illustrator.

Inspired by the European Renaissance, Russian Orthodox icons, Slavic folklore, fairy-tales and modern pop culture...





"Under The Skin"

Oil, Acrylic, Gold Leaf, Vinyl/Paper Butterflies on Wood Panel

14 x 11 inches



Wall H-11.



Elena Karavodin

Elena Karavodin was born in Los Angeles, CA into a family of artists and scientists. An eye for detail, reasoning and proportion combine to blend art and science in her work. Elena studied at the Laguna College of Art and Design, Laguna Beach, CA, receiving her B.F.A. in 2002, with an emphasis in Illustration, Graphic Design and Fine Art.

Her work has been shown in various juried exhibitions throughout the United States, from New York through the Midwest to California. She considers the native California environment to be a strong influence; ocean and desert landscapes, and images of nature are also prominent in her work. Elena launched her own art company, Karavodin Studios, with the goal of applying her creative skills to bring personalized art to San Diego residents.




Elena Karavodin

"Strange Brew"

Oil on Canvas

36 x 36 inches



Wall H-12.



Gus Lezama

I've always had a passion for art. Through the years i've tried different mediums. In my early twenties i began working with wood, creating furniture and designing kitchens. During my years of woodworking i developed a style using an acrylic medium with layering colors through stencils. I enjoy using nature in my designs, animals and bonsai are a few of the subjects that i love incorporating in my work.



Gus Lezama

"Panda Peace"

Mixed Media on Wood

25 x 39 inches



Wall H-15.



Travis Sevilla

Travis Sevilla is an artist and educator currently working for High Tech High North County. A recent transplant from LA, Travis has attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, and received his BFA from OTIS College Art and Design in Los Angeles. He has an MFA in Studio Art from the University of California, Irvine and has been teaching art for the past six years. Travis is enthusiastic about art, art education, and working with young artists. He is truly excited to be part of the Art Hatch organization.



Travis Sevilla

"The Persistence of Spring"

acrylic on panel

12" x 12"



Wall H-20.



Roel Jovellanos

Roel Jovellanos was born in the cold and windy city of Chicago, but was quickly replanted in the sunny Southern California soil at the age of 2. He studied at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena where he focused on both traditional methods of painting and the more modern methods of computer generated art.

After graduating, he moved to San Diego and spent the last 10 years doing art for various game companies such as Sony Online and Midway Home entertainment. In 2005 he decided to a turn a page in his life and pursue a line of art centered around the Southern California Landscape. His studio is currently located in the heart of Escondido's burgeoning art scene, where the excitement of new and cutting edge art continually sparks his creativity.



Roel Jovellanos

"California Landscape"

Acrylic on canvas

12"x 12"



Wall L-1.



Michael W. Conely

I'm a Christian artist with a contradictive dark style and street art roots who has worked with acrylic, models, one-shot, automotive and house paint, oil pastels, Prismas, plastercast, computer parts, recycled material, clay, leather, vinyl, wire, cloth, oil, spray paint, clothing, hats, paint markers, sharpies, paper-mache, masks, bracelets, stencils, pen, and black-book drawings. Using almost anything for a canvas inspired by everything I see.

When it comes to art I find myself emulating other artists works, applying my own style and also doing complete originals.



Michael W. Conely

"A Soul Is Copy of Neff"

Acrylic on wood

12" x 12"



Wall L-2.



Jennifer Anichowski

My paintings would best be described as dreamscapes, images from reality in an un-real situation or environment. Like a stand mirror that is growing roots into dry desert ground or a widow to daylight in a night sky. My paintings are unique, though my style is influenced by artists like Salvador Dali and Michael Parks. I choose to use mostly oil paints because of their ability to have a depth and saturation of color that I feel captures my subjects the best. I love having the ability to work with colors that I can continually manipulate until I feel they are right. My artworks express...




Jennifer Anichowski

"Red Sky in the Morning"

oil on board

8" x 8"



Wall L-5.



Aja Kusick

Aja Kusick is a fine artist residing in Scotia, NY. She attended Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA with a concentration in painting from 2001-2003.

Aja's work focuses primarily on the female figure and how she reacts with her surroundings. The current body of work utilizes mixed media such as acrylic, ink, enamel, spray paint, and even glitter encased in resin on cradled wooden panels. Several layers of materials are built up over the course of the creation of the painting, melding background, foreground, and figure together in a visceral swirl of color. Texture has always been a prominent quality in her work, and this new body of work continues to explore the push and pull between subject and medium. Emphasis on movement is heightened by the application of paint directly to wet resin, wherein the materials themselves become collaborators in each finished piece.

Aja started her business... Read more



Aja Kusick


Mixed Media on Wood Panel

11 x 14 inches



Wall L-8.



Major Morris

A few of Morris's significant life events include being drafted into the army after being denied volunteer entry due to the fact that he is African American- Major ended up being part of the 92nd Infantry Division (aka Buffalo Soldiers the only segregated unit to see combat during World War ll), surviving through the great depression, and after never finishing high school at the age of 52 he attended and graduated from Harvard University and later became a professor.

The photographs on display at ArtHatch were shot from the 1960's to the early 1970's. In Major's words "I have always been drawn to capturing images...




Major Morris

"Self Portrait"

Black and White Photograph

framed to 21 x 25.5 inches



Wall L-10.



Mitchell Hill




Mitchell Hill

"Selenium Toned Silver Gelatin Print"

Selenium Toned Silver Gelatin Print

8 x 10 inches



Wall 1099.



Jessica Washington






Wall H-4.



Nonie Cruzado

Nonie Cruzado was born in the Philippines. He studied at the University of Santo Tomas and attended the College of Fine Arts and Design where he majored in painting. Using primarily oil, acrylic, and ink and inspired by his observations of human conditions, Cruzado channels his life experiences and personal values through resonating imagery and symbolism in his artwork. Nonie lives and works in San Diego, CA






Wall H-6.



Kevin Daly

Kevin Daly MD

So why are you trying to become an artist now? That?'s a good question that, at first, I wasn't too sure of myself. I went to the countries best medical school and have had a successful career in medicine for the last twenty years, so why art now? I've thought about this a lot and answering this question led me to look back as far as my childhood to know how to answer it. If you're reading this I am sorry it is so long but I think it will explain better what my art is all about.

Sometimes the things we choose to do for the next 10-20 years can be based on a few distinct moments in our lives. I was a very introverted and socially awkward child. In retrospect I would probably have met criteria for high functioning autism (Aspergers). Childhood was a lonely time for me and acceptance from my peers provided a strong positive feedback but was also very elusive. There were many talents I found in myself growing up. I loved science and math and spent a lot of my free time learning more. I also enjoyed drawing and painting and was pretty good at it. When it came to art there were some things I still remember that led me away from art. I still remember my first grade teacher berating me for my poor coloring, crossing the lines too often. In fourth grade I was humiliated by my fourth grade teacher for my lousy penmanship. Lastly, in high school I never really fitted in with the "art kids" and even though I tried hard, I got a B in art class. I know a B isn't bad, but to me that told me I didn't possess anything special when it came to art. What I did find in high school is that I was a whiz as a computer programmer. It came easy to me and satisfied some of my creative desire the same way art did. It provided a social outlet as well since many sought my help with their work and were impressed by what I could do. That positive feedback led me to choose Computer Science as my college major and eventual career.

I did well in my studies in college and worked as a software engineer for five years after college. College and work helped me get outside my wall. While I was still introverted I gained a lot of social skills during that time. I had friends, eventually married, and was a very integral part of my development team at my job. I gained a lot of confidence during this time. One day, at lunch, I was sitting with a friend talking about our jobs and what else we would want to do if we could. At that one moment, for the first time, I reconsidered where I was and where I wanted to go. I opened myself up to any possibility and considered what I loved about my work and what was lacking. From that conversation, I choose to drop everything and pursue a career in medicine. I continued to work and take pre-med classes for two years and was eventually accepted to Yale Medical School.

I eventually graduated and choose a career in emergency medicine. I've been practicing for twenty years now in California where I grew up. Throughout this time I would still draw and paint on occasion for myself or to make a gift for a family member. Emergency medicine, while very satisfying, is a very chaotic and fast paced specialty. After twenty years I began to think of a life after emergency medicine. What do I want to do when I eventually take down the shingle? For reasons still unknown to me I found that I began painting more and more over the past few years. Maybe something subconscious in me saying, "This is what you should be doing after medicine". It was the one thing I loved doing as a child that I really never pursued. Over the last year I found a satisfaction in creating art that has led me to choose this as my next and probably final pursuit.

What I found so satisfying about art is the emotional journey I take when I make a piece of art. While at first I began painting things that I found beautiful in nature, predominantly landscapes, I also found that painting could actually change myself. I find a peace in painting and insight into the world and myself in the process of creating art. My art has evolved from landscapes to art that says something about the world or life as I see it. Before each piece, I will wait for inspiration. Sometimes it's a patient I see in the ER, sometimes it occurs when meditating, or while driving through the desert as the sun is rising. In those pieces I try to take my feelings and put them on canvas. Some of my art is spiritual and some of it is commentary on the world or injustice. I was never formally trained as an artist and do not have an in-depth knowledge of the masters. I kind of want to keep it that way, if that makes sense? I want my art to be a part of me and not necessarily reflect the influence of others. I will educate myself to the extent that I need to create what I envision but I want to limit my outside influences to keep my art as organic as possible. Hopefully that doesn't come off as arrogance. I am actually humbled by the masters so this is why I don't want to do anything that would seem to be me trying to paint like them.

Not all my art is a commentary on the world or human existence. I will still paint the occasional landscape or something whimsical. I will experiment with different techniques or perspectives too. I recently watched a documentary on Neil Young and thought to myself that I want to create art like he creates music. Not restrict myself to any particular genre. Not let what I created before dictate what I will create next. It's maybe not the best formula for commercial success, but it's how I want to do things. I hope my art will touch people, make them feel something, or think about things they haven't given much thought to.

I think this is it? There haven't been any stones I've left unturned. As I wind down my career in medicine over the next decade, I will spend the remainder of my days creating art and enjoying my life with my family. I would like to think that those who buy my art or simply enjoy looking at my paintings are taking this journey with me.



Kevin Daly

"Caught Inside"

Acrylic on Canvas

18 x 24 inches



Wall 1047.



Oronde Kairi






Wall H-3.



Lori Sutherland

Lori Sutherland, a home grown California girl, now lives in Ramona, in San Diego county, with her Husband, daughter, and several animals. She has always filled her life with some kind of art or craft project; upholstery, sewing, stained glass, cake decorating, pastel, acrylics, and colored pencils, to name a few!

Lori's newest endeavor is Earth Gems-Art. Unique acrylic paintings on wood panels or tile, embellished with semi precious stones, tumbled glass, geode slices, metal, sand, and/or bling. Then smothered in resin.

When Lori isn't volunteering at a local animal rescue, teaching art at her daughter's school, or running her popular daughter around, she sneaks off to her new art studio, where she usually has 2 or 3 art projects going at the same time. She also enjoys the company of her studio bunnies; Tulip and Tucker!

Lori's art has been juried into several art shows, fairs and galleries through out San Diego County, Orange County, Borrego, the Colored Pencil Society, and CPX, the online show for CSPA. She has participated in the Ramona Open Studio Tour for many years, and has been featured on the cover, and inside the local papers.

Many of Lori's art pieces reside in the 2Create Art Gallery in Ramona, and The Distiction Gallery in Escondido. To see more of Lori's art, please visit;



Lori Sutherland

"Earth Gems #19W058"

Mixed Medium with Pink Geode Slice

12 x 9 inches



Wall H-6.



Linda A. Kelly

Linda is a Native San Diegan who now resides in Ramona CA just up the hill for the big city. As a self taught artist Linda likes to take ordinarily mundane subjects and lift them up. Her subject matter is unlimited and she lets it dictate the style in which she uses for a particular painting. She works in a variety of styles and experiments with different techniques and mediums. She is a multifaceted artist which she finds challenging like her personality, spontaneous,unpredictable, bubbly, and colorful.

Linda teaches Sip & Paint classes every weekend Saturday & Sunday at 7 local wineries in Ramona and a private ranch, she also holds private art parties. She loves where she lives in the hills of Ramona and has been very active in the art community there. She has work in the 2Create Gallery on Main st. and Frugal Framer Gallery. She has painted 5 wine barrels for the H.E.A.R.T Mural project, to be auctioned off to raise money for the Murals that are painted on historic buildings in Ramona, she has been a part of the Ramona Open Studio tour for the past 10 years.

Her work has been featured in many articles and booklets and she is humbled by it all. She is very prolific and paints daily, she absolutely loves it, she has been juried into many art shows and has work in private and corporate collections. Linda is a productive net worker on her Linda Kelly Art page on Facebook for her up coming art classes under her events, so if your interested please take a peek. She also has a shop at and now has a wall at the beautiful Distinction/Art Hatch Gallery in Escondido, CA

This artist believes she has a God given talent and wants to use it to the fullest, she has been very blessed and doesn't take it for granted. She hopes you enjoy her works and would love to meet you at a event in the near future, if you have any questions please fill free to call Linda @ 760-443-6648



Linda A. Kelly

"Blue Haired Angel "


24 x 12 inches



Wall H-15.



Viki "Tal" Harsch






Wall S2_E.



Chance Cassell






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