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Eric Yandell

Eric Yandell is an experimental artist who enjoys patterns with an emphasis on texture.

I've always been an explorer and meddler in arts and ideas. The single tree design displayed in most of my pieces has been a motif of mine for years; but in creating that design with these materials I have discovered a perfectly universal metaphor for one's own reflection to the effect that time processes us all.

As with the materials in these pieces... My seasons have gone around and around; the good times and the bad times have come and gone, over and over again... yet I live not as what I was, but what I am become - I still grow... and often with purpose.

In the process of creating these "paper trees", I have been called to question many aspects in the arenas of art, beauty, and worth.

I have learned to explore the intrinsic value of whatever is at hand. To restore and to give new life to a piece of a tree that had served its season is a rewarding experience. In that is where I find the real value in re-purposing, recycling, and reusing ? in the potential of renewal and purpose of all things. In its totality, I find a lesson of hope. Perhaps you do as well.


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